Green Tea, a Relaxing Drink

Since ancient times, green tea was a highly prized beverage in the Orient. There are even elaborate tea-drinking ceremonies held in the Orient and especially in Japan. At first, it was a seasonal drink and as such, quite expensive. This is because green tea is harvested from the tealeaves and buds that can only be obtained in the spring when the tea bush is putting out new growth.

Now it is becoming immensely popular in the West, and because of increased demand, the tea is now being grown in different parts of the world, like Australia. This means it is available year round, instead of just in one season due to different regions. Because of this, prices have become more reasonable and available to everyone. Now green tea is common and in high demand. You can find it in the grocery stores and even in different flavors to mask the slightly bitter taste that is part of the flavor.

So how can green tea help you?

Of course it is a distinctly refreshing drink, letting you relax and unwind after a hard days work, or as a “pick me up” during the day. However added to this, it also has antitoxins, helps burn calories, and boosts your immune system.

Antitoxins are good for protecting the body against toxins and poisons that can enter the body from the air, water, or food we eat. It will also protect against free radicals, which are made by the liver when metabolism takes place. These free radicals can harm the body and also age your cells.

It is a good beverage to drink when dieting as it has little or no calories and can even act as an appetite suppressant by filling you up. Green tea can also help you to burn calories.

The tea has flavonoids, which act as antitoxins. They also will help your immune system to ward of disease and ailments. Green tea also has catechin polyphenols especially epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCG is a powerful antioxidant. It is also thought to help the body fight cancer and prevent blood clots. Research is still being done to understand more about the benefits of green tea.

So on those hot thirsty days, do not just reach for a soda, try a refreshing glass of iced green tea and really feel the difference. Or, do not even wait for summer and just relax anytime with a cup of green tea. It takes about 3-4 cups per day to get the maximum benefits from green tea.

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