A Look at Pregnancy Week by Week

Especially in the early stages of pregnancy, the changes to the mothers body seem to be slow. Just because all of the many miraculous events are undetectable to the eye doesnt mean that pregnancy week by week is anything short of ever changing. From the moment of conception to the actual arrival of the newborn, pregnancy is a constant state of a work in progress. Each week brings more changes and development for both mother and child.

For a look at pregnancy week by week, lets take a particular week from each trimester to get a clear look at how quickly things change inside an expectant mothers uterus. Week 6 of the first trimester is usually about the time mom discovers the existence of her little one. By this stage, the baby already has a heartbeat but is only about 1/17 of an inch long. That heartbeat is moving the babys own blood through the tiny body and the beginnings of arms and legs are forming. Facial features are also on their way to development at this early stage. Each baby and pregnancy is unique so this is a rough guess of the state of progress at week 6.

Jumping forward a few months to the second trimester in pregnancy week by week places events at week 21. The baby is beginning to move a lot at this stage. Dad and other loved one may be able to feel the movement now. Growth slows a little as the heart becomes stronger. And to help out with all of that movement, the babys legs are becoming more proportionate to the rest of the body. Mom is probably feeling more comfortable with morning sickness hopefully behind her. This is about the time when her pregnancy is becoming obvious to others.

In the third trimester its a run for the finish line. Week 30 is right in the middle of the third trimester in our look at pregnancy week by week. At this point the baby probably weighs about three pounds and is gaining weight on a daily basis. That means mom is probably feeling a little awkward and uncomfortable. The babys eyelids are functioning. Week 30 also brings the babys ability to produce his or her own red blood cells. In other words the bone marrow is now functioning independently of Mom.

Despite the feeling of pregnancy lasting forever that many expectant moms experience, pregnancy week by week is a new adventure. Both mother to be and the new arrival are in constant motion preparing for the final stages of this beautiful and exciting time.

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