All you need to know about tennis

A lot of people enjoy playing tennis. Howevere, few knows this sport well. What exactly attracts people to this game and what makes it so interesting?

In the past tennis was not so popular, compared to soccer for example. But these last years, this sport has constantly gain ground, surpassing soccer and even basketball on the European continent. But what exactly makes this sport such a pleasure to watch?

50 / 50

Unlike soccer, tennis only has two players, which makes it more unpredictable. For example, with 11 players on the ground for a soccer game, if one of the team is not in his best shape, he will be replaced with another one, or backed up by the rest of the team. So, the chances of winning or of throwing in a good match are still high. On the contrary, in a tennis match, if one of the players is in a bad shape, it will most definitely be reflected in the score. On top of that, the mental is very important in tennis because you’re alone on the court against your opponent and yourself. So a bad shape can be physical or mental. That’s why it can happen that a tennis player feels tired or to face a tough period and thus lose a match for which he was actually favorite. Most importantly, that’s why tennis matches can keep you in suspense with the ups and downs of each player during the game.

Show and competitions

Another attractive thing about tennis is the show. It’s definitely more entertaining than a soccer match because the ball is passed way more rapidly from one player to the other. Viewers constantly need to watch the ball in order not to lose an important moment that might change the result. And of course, one of the most impressing things about tennis are the organization and the level of competitions offered. Grand Slam Tournaments are the most well-known competitions (Wimbledon, the US Open, The Australian Open and the French Open), each offering a great show with the best ranked players. The fight for No. 1 is always tough, because players need to train hard and participate to competitions all year long in order to get more points in ATP (or WTA) rankings. So, of course, one can get tired and perform badly, thus offering many surprises.

Pure passion for the game

The game itself is quite attractive, and played by many amateurs just for fun. A lot of people watch tennis championships with a great interest. Every championship is different, with roughly speaking three types of courts : hardcourt, clay court and grass. Each surface has a set of characteristics that might advantage or disadvantage a player, even if the differences between them are not so important comparing to early years. For example, clay is the slowest type and the ball bounces higher on it, while hardcourt is usually a fast type of surface. Indoors tournaments are even faster because the balls are less affected by friction.

In conclusion, tenis is not an easy game to practice, with many factors to take into consideration, but this difficulty makes it so appreciated all around the world.

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