The Jump Rope Workout

Jump rope activity is most often associated with child play. However, an adult can really benefits from this workout, which burns 1000 calories per hour. This can be done by an individual wherein the main goal is to jump over the rope and swing it over the head in repetitive motion. This can also be done by threes as they take turns with one jumping over the swinging rope and the other two players face each other, rope in between and swinging it in unison in a clockwise or counterclockwise motion. The game will stop if a player commits a mistake, reaches a desired amount or if he or she becomes tired. Children may not see the benefits of jump ropes but this is one of the best and economical cardiovascular exercises.

The jump rope exercise is capable of burning as much as 1000 calories per hour which can be considered as a comprehensive and beneficial exercise an individual can do. It can easily be integrated with anyone’s daily routine. It is not only pure exercise but also an entertaining activity as well. Jump rope exercises can tone and produce lean muscles in the major muscle groups of the body. It can optimize cardiovascular conditioning and it can also add up to the improvement of the individual’s agility, body coordination, timing and endurance. A ten minute jump rope exercise can be compared to doing an eight minute mile run. The advantage of jump rope exercise over running is that it prevents knee damage which can be acquired by long term running due to the impact of the jumps that are absorbed by both legs. This exercise can also strengthen the arms and the shoulders which running exercises can somehow overlook. This exercise has been useful for athletes like boxers and wrestlers since jump rope exercises are a combination of aerobic workout and foot coordination.

The learning experience of amateur jump rope users will be built in a comfortable environment of their choice. It may be in the backyard, the living room or the bedroom. Jump rope exercises will require a minimum space of at least 3 x 4 feet of floor area. The best option for those who are engaged in jump rope exercises would be for them to go at their own pace in whatever method of style they are comfortable with.

Jump rope exercises are inexpensive because you only need the rope to be able to exercise. No more expensive gadgets to consider, just the rope, the proper apparel and the determination to do the exercise. You can practically bring a jump rope anywhere you want. Just throw it in your suitcase or back pack and you are ready to go and perform your exercise when you have the time during your out of town trips.

Jump ropes can be enjoyed by both adults and kids alike. Its doing exercise while having fun!

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